Independent riders - Motoring Fun Club

1 - Introduction

         Independent Riders – Motoring Fun Club (hereinafter referred to as IR – MFC) is an organization founded by 3 classmates, who have spent a lot of their spare time together since primary school.

All three of them are partial realizers of an idea to bring motorists and people of good will from all around the world together. Team of people have taken this idea into their own hands and given the green light to forms for its further development.

Organizationally IR – MFC performs as an incorporated company Indepentent Riders 

Its basis and heart consists of shareholders and founders of this company with ambition to create the largest motoristic organization in the world. This organization will be beneficial for every diligent and decent person, based on principles of a new and old world order in spirit of ideas to




" Independent Riders " is a patented trademark.


The main idea of IR - MFC is to bring people together, create new friendships, gain new experiences and make a profit in every way including profit for our business and advertising partners.

We all make a living by doing something and through our IR - MFC we can offer firsthand goods or services directly to our members by the motto “You help me and I help you”.

This way a new strong personal contact is created. People naturally prefer to buy goods from someone they know or someone who was recommended to them. Humans are social species who like to meet, talk, have fun, exchange knowledge and experience.
         Therefore IR - MFC has been created with a wish to ”feel at home in our club”. The creation of bonds of friendship gives this whole project its own strength. Let every member of IR - MFC feel as a part of a one big community - family.
Family is prime and holy for us.




2 - club concept.


          The uniqueness and originality of the idea IR - MFC lies in triple combination of connecting social, hobby and leisure club with business commercial activity, charity and enlightenment activity.


When opening a new club establishment, IR - MFC is prepared to provide every future partner wherever in the world with complete service and coverage of their establishment under our wings while preserving our unique identity, which is characteristic for our concept.

One of the factors is putting up our decorations indoors and outdoors as well as publicizing our logo IR - MFC and logos of our partners who are a part of this project.

Every club IR - MFC will be provided with complete supply of professional gastronomy equipment and interior furnishing from our suppliers - prominent world-leading manufacturers, of whom we are direct distributors.

In the course of time, a central headquarters should be established in every country, to which other branches from different cities may have recourse. Each country will be registered on our website.

Every country will have its own section with its national flag, where complete activity of IR - MFC in the given country will be kept. We will advise our clients how to successfully run business in given area and make a high profit. As a result of this idea is a project of a successful franchise.


          IR - MFC is organised as an open club, providing club members and non-members with number of favourable services and consumer commercial activities.

         Considering charity and enlightenment activities, IR - MFC will put emphasis on children and youth protection, their education, support of young talented children and their personal development through IR - MFC Children and Youth Foundation. 


Now, when project IR - MFC has just got into your hands, we firmly believe that you will support it, so every young person will be able to make an adequate contribution to society, find employment and subsequently get adequately financially evaluated according to their work. Everyone deserves the right to a bright future.



Youth is our future and future of this planet



3 - types of clubs


  • Diamond – a non-public club only for VIP IR - MFC members and IR - AMK diamond membership card holders

Diamond club provides accommodation with wellness services and complete offer of premium services at the highest level. It is designed for people who indulge in rest, relaxation and regeneration with highest possible comfort while maintaining privacy.




         Premium – a public club for all IR – MFC members and non-members.

The concept of the Premium club is based exclusively on the conception of newly built establishments in a style and identity of IR - MFC. These establishments will provide our members and non-members with complex services.

Concept of the Premium building for provision of various services will include several floors divided as follows:


  • Basement - -1 floor)

Underground spaces will be used as a storage space goods, motorcycle service areas and technical rooms.


  • 0th floor

Ground floor will be used for restaurant with a café and complex interior studio with goods and products by manufacturers that our company directly represents. At present, it is approximately 30 world-known brands.


  • 1st floor

Space designated as a renting space with commercial purpose + sale of motorcycles and equipment.


  • 2nd floor

Space designated as a renting space for commercial purpose, relax centre, fitness centre and children centre.


  • 3th floor

Space designated for luxurious apartments and wellness servise


The minimal floor area of the building is 7500 m2, which is represented as approximately 50x30 = 1500m2 area per one floor. Anticipated cost of the investment is 3.000.000 €. Return of the investment is 96 months and the month installment without interest is 31.250€, meanwhile this cost will be financed with the income earned by renting the commercial areas of approximately 3000m2. Calculated cost of rent is 10€ per m2 - the lowest price on the market.



          Classic - public club for all IR - MFC members and non-members


Classic club offers a concept of establishments such as cafés, fast food restaurants, pubs, wine bars, patisseries etc. These establishments will be furnished and equipped in cooperation of the IR-MFC architect, while preserving the identity of IR - MFC company.



4 - Activity of IR - AMK


Beginning of the activity in 2021.
Approach and invitation of Very Important Persons (VIP) to actively support the club in order to raise the profile of the club and promote its ideas.
Acceptance of the first members of IR - MFC since February 2021 in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary and gradually in other countries.
IR - MFC will have passive promotion by providing new members with a basic package, who will use it. At the same time support of our organization’s partners will be secured.

Logos of elected partners will be put up on IR - MFC sport jackets, cars and trucks for transport of motorcycles.
IR - MFC members will be identified by the club clothing. Everybody will know they belong to one wonderful community.

Social activities, hobbies, and leisure time
Human beings are a social species that need social interaction. People like to meet, communicate, exchange information, share experiences, travel, learn new things and be interested in different things. IR - MFC is a perfect place for such meetings, music events, concerts or evening events where IR - MFC members can meet famous people.
IR - MFC is a perfect for organizing motorcycle rides, variously themed trips with certain destinations, veteran car rides, car, motorcycle or go-kart racing academy shows directly at racing circuits, thanks to which further relationships can be strengthened.


Business and commercial activity
Product consumption and use of our services provided by IR - MFC in its establishments (restaurant, cafes etc.)

Space for sale and presentation of products as well as a sale to IR - MFC members with further profit for IR - MFC club member (bonus card)


Charity and enlightenment activity
Organization of driving lessons. The main goal of driving lessons is to improve every cyclist’s and driver’s driving skills. Health and life protection is one of our priorities.
Organization of charity events for children. Organization of educational lectures and seminars for children as well as for adults.
Search and support of the young talented people and children. Support of their activity, personal and talent development. 



5 - status of persons in IR - MFC
It is possible to participate in activities of IR - MFC in varying degrees and in accordance with a status of individual.


  • IR - MFC member - a natural person, citizen with selected type of membership (Diamond, Gold, Silver, Classic). The member of selected type of membership is entitled to benefits, defined in each package corresponding to certain type of membership.

  • IR MFC partner (active) - a natural or legal person, actively involved in promotion of IR - AMK and building and operation of the club activities in the field of trade and services.

  • IR - MFC supplier (passive) - a natural or legal person, passive IR - MFC supplier of own products or services

  • IR - MFC customer - IR - AMK non-member


6 - membership and types of membership in IR - MFC

It is possible to become an IR - MFC member by paying an annual club membership fee. Club membership fee is given according to the specific type of membership, which club card belongs to.

VIP - VIP membership is one-year membership. It’s main goal is to arouse member’s interest in activities of IR - MFC.



DIAMOND – an annual membership fee:         1000 euro


  • Holder of diamond card is allowed to use all services of IR - MFC available including accommodation in club apartments and wellness services

  • The diamond card allows the holder to get a 20% discount on all IR - MFC goods and services

  • Basic diamond package of includes: diamond card, t-shirt, polo shirt, shirt, vest, sport jacket, tracksuit, cap, winter hat, neck warmer, swimwear, cosmetic package, travel bag, wallet, teacup, wall clock, patch and stickers with IR - MFC logo


GOLD – an annual membership fee:     500 euro


  • Holder of golden card is allowed to use all services of IR - MFC available including accommodation in club apartments and wellness services

  • The golden card allows the holder to get a 15% discount on all IR - MFC goods and services

  • Basic golden package includes: golden card, t-shirt, polo shirt, shirt, vest, sport jacket, cap, patch and stickers with IR - MFC logo



SILVER - annual membership fee:        100 EUR     


  • Holder of silver card is allowed to use all services or IR - MFC available, excluding accommodation in club apartments and wellness services.

  • Silver card allows the holder to get a 10% discount on all IR - MFC goods and services

  • Basic silver package includes: silver card, t-shirt, sport jacket, cap, patch and stickers with IR - MFC logo



CLASSIC - annual membership fee:      50 EUR       


  • Holder of silver card is allowed to use all services or IR - MFC available, excluding accommodation in club apartments and wellness services.

  • Classic card allows the holder to get a 10% discount on all IR - MFC goods and services.

  • Basic classic package includes: classic card, patch and stickers with IR - MFC logo


7 - identity of IR - MFC and it members


The main protection of IR - MFC identity is guaranteed by a defensive trademark.
The creation of uniqueness and originality is supported by other elements supporting this identity.


  • Each newly built, founded by us or franchised club will have its unique identity. When visiting any club in the world, visitors will see very special and original designs, so they may feel at home anywhere in the world. 


  • Every real estate will be different in its own way, even though our ambition is to put emphasis on uniform style and design of basic interior and exterior materials. Everything will be designed in cooperation with architects.


  • Complete package of IR - MFC clothing products and fashion accessories with club logo on the front of the clothing and logos of selected IR - MFC partners on the back of the clothing. (passive promotion of our partners)


  • Identification and strengthening the sense of belonging between individual club members will be implemented by assigning an identification number to every member’s name. A name, a number and IR - MFC logo will be put into the “vehicle registration plate” patch, sewn on the member's clothing. The use of such clothing will fulfil the function of easier recognition and identification of IR - MFC members, especially at the events.


  • Complete package of interior and exterior furniture and equipment for all IR - MFC establishments in uniform spirit and unique design supporting the identity of our company.


  • Promotion of IR - MFC logo and logos of selected partners on club motorcycles and cars, club pictures, advertisement spaces, website and social media (passive promotion of our partners)



Such advertising in the form of thematic connection between IR - MFC club and our partners creates a completely different and unique form of support for the sale of their products and services.
It is a natural thing for us to make products and services of our partners known to customers and to promote them in an intelligent way.


This drove graphic design and advertising options







8 – IR - AMK media support and promotion


Creation of website, internet radio and television, social media


Websites and social media are very important for this project. Active communication with members on social media brings a unique opportunity to promote and support the sale of our products. This way, we can passively promote our partners. The creation of internet radio and television creates a unique space for IR - AMK members with the opportunity of using these media for passive and active promotion of our partners. These media will operate internationally.




Racing circuit and motor tracks


Not everyone is a motorcyclist or racer but each of us is more or less a car user. Rides on riding circuits, particularly on Slovakia ring in our homeland, will be part of our social, enlightenment and sport events.
         Our best riders will also participate in our rides. They will guarantee high professionalism while in charge of a circuit driving school. 
         Our company will own motorcycles that can be rented for circuit rides. These vehicles will provide space for advertisement of our partners. Newly gained experiences and skill can be later applied to driving in ordinary life. This way, safety of traffic will be improved and risks of movement on the road will be reduced.


Many of us would like to experience a professional ride on a riding circuit. For this purpose, we will provide those who are interested in such a ride with specially adjusted two-seater motorcycles designed for a tandem ride around the circuit. Our members will have unforgettable experiences not otherwise feasible on a normal road.
         Complete refreshment (catering), music and various attractive shows will be provided at our events and rides on the riding circuit. This will provide IR - AMK members with a new attractive platform for extraordinary meetings, sport activities, gaining new skills, enlightenment and emotional experiences.


This is one of many bonuses that IR - MFC gives to its members. This is what makes an idea of IR - MFC circuit events unique. Reciprocally we propose to passively promote Slovakia ring.




This drove graphic design and advertising options


9 – financial income provision of IR - MFC




  • Membership fees


are basic, simple, recurring annual income of IR - MFC. The more members there are, the more means we have for realization of an IR - MFC development plan.
It the long term, according to the number of members, there are annually available:



                     10.000 members              =                  500.000,-€

                   100.000 members              =                5.000.000,-€

                1.000.000 members              =              50.000.000,-€

* (in the case of classic membership fee)


          At the annual income of Independent riders a.s., there is also room for the creation of a banking service (Independent bank). This income is directly dependent on the number of members in our community.



According to statistics, there are more than 200 million motorcycle users in the world (excluding automobile users). The total number of IR - MFC members will depend on the promotion. We expect a membership of about 10 million people.


2. Business space rental (3000m2 = 30.000,-€ per month)


3. Advertising - advertising sales, active and passive


4, Advertising - production of complete range of advertising/promoting items (100% profit)


5, Financial products - franchise (100% profit)


6, Financial products - passive income by using cash-back cards

7, Financial products - banking services and financial products


8. Gastronomy - sale of coffee, our own brand / cooperation with world-famous football player (100% profit)


9. Gastronomy - sale of professional coffee makers to hotels, offices and gastronomic establishments, leading Italian manufacturer of equipment for restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices (50 - 100 % profit)


10. Gastronomy - mobile cafes, great space for passive promotion, caffee (raw material) from leading Portugal producer, whose production dates back to the early 19th century (200% profit)


11. Gastronomy - sale of complete professional equipment from Greek manufacturers, which is not on our market yet (100% profit)


12. Business - profit from the sale of interior studio products of our company. The company represents more than 30 global manufacturers (profit 50-100%)


13. Business - profit from the production and distribution of aluminium profiles, the largest manufacturer of aluminium profiles for construction industries in Europe, represented by us. Manufacturer’s requirement is to build exclusive showroom, where all products of this manufacturer will be presented.  (50% profit)

14. Production and sale - sale of the products, which production is covered by IR - AMK. Our priority is to employ people with disabilities. The best thing that can happen to a person with a disability is to get support and help to return back to “normal” life. After all, work is an inseparable part of our lives. We believe that every such person should get a new chance to fully show and enhance their usefulness for the community. Here we welcome cooperation of the state, state organizations and the European Union. We will promote this project in Slovak Republic as well as in other countries in the EU when establishing a social establishment. (100% profit)


15. Production and sale - production and sale of complete range of sportswear and leisure wear under our own brand, production of clothing in cooperation with a world-famous football player. Every year a new collection will be presented as well as limited products worth collecting. (100% profit)


16. Production and sale – manufacture of the jewellery. Jewellery will be used as promotion and support of clothing sale (100% profit)

17. Sale and service - of Sunseeker ships


18. Sale and service - of Bently, Aurus cars



Aurus manufacturer wants to expand. So far, only one Aurus shop has been opened, more specifically in Moscow. On this occasion a price list was presented. A base car model costs approximately 18 million ruble, which is according to calculation 245 000 euro. Do you think that is too much? Probably you don’t. Rivals sell significantly more expensive pieces such as Rolls-Royce Phantom with a price tag nearly twice as big as Aurus models.




19. Construction - construction of satellite towns under the auspices of our company. (complex of construction plan), construction of green building system

20. Construction - reconstruction of real estates, especially historic buildings offered by the state for sale or rent, employment of low-skilled labour with difficulties to find employment in the labour market (complex plan needs to be elaborated)


21. Environment - sale and operation of Greentec machinery - comprehensive environment care


22. Environment - comprehensive green waste and construction waste recycling


23. Environment - planning and realization of greenery and tree planting - project


24. Services - rental and service of new premium-brand motorcycles


25. Services – operation of travel agency in cooperation with Selina company


26. Services - operation of pensions of seniors, IR - AMK members (interwoven with historic compound reconstruction project)


27. Educational system - operation of children’s facilities and primary schools designed for IR - MFC members’ children


28. Services - a worldwide database of companies divided by their activities, in every town and municipality in Slovak Republic (a lifetime warranty of free-of-charge promotion)


29. Bonus - inclusion of club members’ companies from any type of business fields (list of companies) into our database. One-time presentation of the company in a form of propagation report subsequently published on social media and our website.


At present, we allow room for investors to join IR - MFC a.s. Conditions of acceptance need to be consulted with the majority of shareholders and founder of the company.


Our strength is in connection and cooperation



This drove graphic design and advertising options


Independent Riders  team  

Independent Riders.png

The registration manual is part of this project.

This manual tells you exactly how to register a client and how you will earn a high profit each year. Anyone who does business and has a tax identification number can be part of this project. Independent riders pay a high commission for everyone.

The registration manual is available after sending the required documents to our email.
Company name, registered office address, tax identification number, bank account number.

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