My first fairy tale for children from my pen

You are receiving an unusual letter to your hands, which I am sending you trough František, my son.

František appeared in your life like a lightning from a clear sky. From the very beginning, he has surprised you trough his sincerity and straightforwardness, František has come through a long and troublesome way, in order to achieve his goal.

His goal is a perfect transformation of both his heart and soul.

He has come trough many pitfalls, resisted many temptations and to this day he is praying for me to lead him the right way.

Only the right way can get you to the right destination.

Very few earthlings make it to this destination.

At the end of the road both his soul and body find an absolute peace and balance.

These are two priorities, which make up the key to the next world. The world, which looks like a world from a fairytale and where even the most secret dreams come true. 

These dreams only belong to the chosen ones.

I know that you are on your way to reach the group of this unique and at the same time strange group of people.

This community is unique and in first place it will offer you a consolation for your heart and soul.

To be in an absolute harmony is our goal.

I know you will find it strange that I have entrusted František with leading you the right way as well as him telling you his stories which will be a lesson for each and every one of you, who will already be in heavenly kingdom on this earth.

Planet Earth is a fascinating complex, which offers everything for a possibility of a flawless life in harmony. 

And lets be honest to ourselves, there is nobody that doesn’t want that.

Life which is full of sincerity, goodness, faith and love.

Not only the physical love, but first and foremost the love on the level of the soul.

Fulfilled love of the soul opens the door to a flawless physical love.

But for that time is needed and it is also necessary to mature to this point. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. It will be your way.

A way on which you will achieve everything you have been dreaming of.

Let him take you to his hands, with immense calmness and respect.

He will always be your support and he will never disappoint you. He knows very well how bitter the disappointments are and how they cause deep wounds to the soul.

These wounds can only be healed by sincere love, unending help and understanding of the other. I already know together we will achieve our goal.

Of course, there will be hurdles because the evil intentions of some people know no bounds.

However, these people will never get where you two are. František´s lifetime experiences will be the light on your way.

And this guarantees a success. 

Today is the Christmas day, a day when I was born.

I should have shown people the way they should follow.

They did not respect my persona, and many ended in the hands and torture of hell.

Never forget that evil will never defeat the good and the true love.

To honor this day, people celebrate my birth and as a sign of peace they give material gifts to each other.

Yes, even these gifts should cause happiness in our souls and hearts.

My goal was always to see as many happy people as possible on this Earth, the people whose hearts are open to the infinite love. The love, which is impossible to buy under any circumstances. Love is the greatest treasure that can be found. I am sending you couple of gifts, which should open both your eyes and your heart. You are a motorcyclist same as František and together you share this amazing passion and hobby.

When riding together, always put your safety first.

But of course also take into consideration the safety of others. When I was on this Earth 2000 years ago, there ware no such options.

These were built by people trough very long strenuousness and hard work.

Therefore I am sending you one very valuable book trough František.

This book will give you answers to many of your questions, the questions you have not found an answer for yet.

František himself got such book from me, to help him understand life on this Earth. 

After reading this book you will be more open and you will tell František about your life with calm consciousness and conscience. He will carefully listen to you and will always be a support to you, no matter whether it is day or night.

This is how I taught him.

He has been learning for very long, and the learning process was often very cruel.

But it is impossible to teach this knowledge in another way. If František should convince people to go on the right way to the good, he has to lead by an absolute example.

I love you both very much and I wanted for your ways to cross and eventually connect.

Always help each other wherever and whenever you may be, supplement each other in everything and choose the right people, whom you will have in your lives.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly wish you this.

After reading this letter, you will be given my gifts by František. Do not hesitate or object, just accept them with immense calmness and respect.

I entrust František with capturing this whole process on video. This video will be a sign in future, a sign that miracles happen in every life to lesser or greater extent, which make our way trough life on Earth easier.

You have everything on this planet.

Value everything and protect everything, so that these treasures can be passed to the next generations on this planet.

So, this is what I am writing to you trough František´s hand.

I woke him up at midnight and he asked me whether to continue sleeping or to start writing.

There is always enough time for sleeping, so when you need to sleep, do so.

The sleep will recharge your energy. Fully enjoy this unique Christmas.

Enjoy being together and enjoy the endless conversations. 

After all, František is like an encyclopedia.

Always take a lesson from his stories. Not everyone has to experience so much bitterness during their stay on this Earth. Celebrate my name with love every day. Ask, request and I will try to fulfill your wishes.

I love both of you very much.

Your baby Jesus.

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