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About the life of the author of the project /shortened version/

Born on March 19, 1968 to the family of mother Margita Bajcsy and father František Kopáčik. The mother comes from the aristocratic family, the Bajcsy family.

My father did not want to marry and have a child but was coerced to marry by the father of my mother.

So, I was born as an unwanted child. I was the child that was dragged on sleigh in the winter rolled up in a blanket, they lost me and only at home did they realize that I am not at the sleigh.

Fortunately, they went back to look for me and found me.

At the age of 5 I had almost drowned in a swamp which was at the back end of our garden.

In this age I have also fallen and started drowning in the dried lime, that was in the hole in our garden.

That happened twice.

As a 6 year old I was jumping on a non-started motorcycle up until the motorcycle has fallen on me.

The love for motorcycles is tough to attain. 

In 1974 we moved to a new house.

There started a short break in the process of ruining my life.

On my way to school, I was stumbling and falling on my knees almost every day, so my knees were always bloodied.

Good preparation for starting to ride a motorcycle.

On our new address, they did not even want to let us out on the street at the beginning.

As a 10 year old I got my first bike.

This was followed by series of falls on a bike.

Up until my tenth birthday, I used to be one of the best students in school. After that my grades started declining.

Why?  I started being interested in women and it has become a obsession.

Also I was dreaming about owning a motorcycle, on which I would have liked to ride with beautiful women.

My father started beating me for every bad grade on my report card from school.

It has came so far that I had prayed for my father never to return from work.

In 1981 my prayer was answered, as my father was killed in a car accident.

He was drunk driving in the night with 0,23% blood alcohol content. After his death there began a period where I started ignoring almost everything.

In 1982 I started attending school focused on learning crafts and trades.

There I quickly got to know what bullying was.

There was everyday bullying from my classmates, teachers, apprenticeship masters and educators.

Fortunately, I finished the school in 1985.

In that school I have acquired basic craft and trades skills, got a driving license and completed course in metallurgy.

I had to start working as a mechanic repairing tractors.

It went pretty well because after second year in the work I was already repairing alone and had my own apprentice.

In 1986 I finally found my first love and totally fell in love with her.

In the fall of 1987, I married her and in February of 1988 my first daughter was born.

In 1988 I was conscripted.

Already on the second day of my stay there, I found out that I don’t belong there.

It was the worst period of my life, with me going through bullying and terror on a daily basis.

Fortunately, a military doctor, who worked there understood my dire situation and helped me to finish this so-called preparation for service in the military early.

After 4 months I got back to my family and work.

I liked going to work very much.  

After work I could make spare parts for my first motorcycle Jawa 250 and also create what I wanted.

My creativity took a very good turn.

My dream was to own a Japanese motorcycle one day.

Finally, I was doing what I liked.

I even built my own bodybuilding device, to finally gain some muscle mass. November 1989 was approaching and I took a part in a fight against communism.

In 1990 I have quit my job and after that was employed by my friend Tomáš in his small firm on a position of a construction locksmith.

It was whole different work than I was used to.

I have learned a thing or two, but my goal was working with motorcycles.

In 1991 me and two of my friends got together and started working full time on renovation of historical motorcycles.

Our renovated motorbikes quickly found their new owners in countries like Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

  We renewed plenty of motorcycles primarily of types Jawa, CZ but also few BMWs and one NSU.

It was year 1995 and many people disliked us as we were selling motorcycles to western countries.

Due to this pressure, I started feeling like we will have to slowly end our business. Both of my friends Jozef and Julius o have already purchased used Japanese motorbikes.

Yamaha FZ 750 and Yamaha FZ1000 were first motorcycles for which I started producing sport exhaust under our registered brand VIPER.

It was the end of 1995.

With pride we showcased our products at the expo in Prague, as a first Czecho-Slovak producer of sport type motorcycle exhausts.

We immediately got respect from motorcycle enthusiast community.

In 1996 our products were tested by a Slovak motorcycle racer Pavol Silárd, Vladimir Karban WSBK, Martin Kuzma - Maco racing team, Czech motorcycle racer Marek Cerveny, Roman Bocek on the racing tracks.

He also tested exhausts VIPER and TERMIGNONI on a engine break to find out exact parameters of our exhausts.

Our exhaust was one horsepower stronger than that of our competition.

The orders started piling up.

We went to many motorbike racers as we knew that for them exhausts are consumer goods.

That means endless falls and motorcycle repairs. For us it meant good knowledge for future exhaust development.

One of the motorcycle racers, Peter Bernat alias Miši (R.I.P) asked us to produce racing exhausts for his Suzuki TL 1000, which would be located under the seat. We did so.

On April the 2nd 1999,Church holiday - Good Friday, I went out on the roads, probably fueled by the devil, to test this insane machine.

On a turn I fell in higsider style and flew into the field.

This mistake has cost me my arm and my leg.

The fracture of my leg was so severe that an amputation above my knee was considered.

This ride had dare consequences for my entire life.

After two months spent in hospital, they have released me into home care and treatment, which took more than a year.

The exhaust production on the other hand has been climbing steeply.

As a side gig by producing exhausts I have opened a small bathroom studio, so that my then wife could have her own work.

After a year of of being on the market we realized that our room for the studio was too small. I have found an unused space of 150 square meters, which went through complete reconstruction and here indeed we ended up selling more goods.

Thank you, Michal Majer, for providing us with this space.

We started approaching the producers of bathroom furniture and then we started importing our goods directly from the factories.

The first factory we approached was Ceramika Paradyz, products of which we brought on the Slovak market.

After that followed another Italian, Spanish and Portuguese companies.

After 4 years we have moved our showroom into greater space.

The demand from our business partners was growing exponentially.

We were expanding our network of shops.

Showroom Šala 250 m2, showroom Veľky Biel 250m2 and in Bratislava we had 350m2 bathroom studio and another 350 m2 interior studio.

Our stock of supplies was worth 3 500 00 Euro and we had 360 pallets of good in our stock.

Each week two full trucks of goods went trough our hands.

We have provided full service for our business partners.

In our best year our companies revenue reached 1 833 000 Euro.

At the end of 2008 media started spreading panic about upcoming financial crisis.

We haven´t seen anything out of ordinary, so we were just shaking our heads. The news about the financial crisis caused a panic that eventually led to collapse of construction industry.

Our consumer sales declined to zero and our business sales declined by 90% and there began a trend of buyers not paying bills.

An avalanche has begun and it started swallowing even the best resellers, Suddenly banks demanded an immediate payment of concurrent leans.

Even our company has fallen as a victim of this imaginary crisis.

We were closing our shops and selling our remaining stock deep below the purchase price.

The collapse of the company caused collapse of the family.

The business came to its end and we were forced to fire our 15 employees.

I was the only one left with thoughts about ending my life.

Life stopped being living.

Everyday I walked around a rope hanging from a wooden beam and the ladder was prepared.

Only God was telling me not to give up.

The company suffered a loss of 660 000 Euro, due to the fabricated crisis.

I decided that I will transform the building I was left with after the divorce into a gastro business.

I sold everything I could sell and invested the money into my new vision.

After half of a year of hard work I was opening my second gastro business.

My first gastro store emerged from a part of store in Velky Biel, but I left this one to my ex-wife.

Suffering from poor mental health, I tried to keep the gastro service in Šala going.

I will be honest, it was more than difficult, but I was not giving up the fight, despite barely being able to walk on my damaged leg.

So in 2011 I decided to rent out this gastro store.

Thanks to this, Jozef with Vierka Popelka came to my life and got the shop running.

This is how Pepper was born and after 5 years when they left the building it was renamed to Pepper Inn.

I learned plenty thanks to these two people and I think they have learned something from my experience as well.

For a long time, I didn’t know how to get my mind in order and work life, but in the end me and my friend, who also likes motorbikes, have decided to start new endeavor and it was repair of turbo charger for automobile.

I made a google advertisement for for this service and the orders for repair of turbo blowers started climbing in number.

And this was a success. I have built another successful endeavor.

A day came when circumstances forced me to change this job for another one.

I decided to reconstruct my restaurant.

It took half a year, but result is worth it.

In 2016 the work was finished, but it was almost impossible to find a renter into the new space.

However, we made an advertisement and we found two interested parties who have been working in a gastro business of Šala for some time at that point.  They just needed someone who will bring in the clients and so a restaurant, with the name of Club 46, in which I had 50% share was born.

Even before we officially opened the venue, we had people renting it for celebrations and other events during the weekends.

My presentation of club 46 on social media produced an immediate result. Project Club 46 was written and we requested a Club 46 trademark at European patent office.

Of course, the lawyers of Valentino Rossi have quickly found what was at the stake and filled a complaint against my registration.

In an e-mail communication I ensured them that we will not be using number “46”, since it was never our intention to damage Valentino´s name, who we regarded as a godfather of our business.

We opened this restaurant in October of 2016, but after few weeks I have found out, that my two business partners Sabi a Riza did not want to satisfy clients of our restaurant, they just wanted to satisfy their ego.

These two would sell a food that would not be a satisfactory quality for a dog, let alone a human.

The details of their deeds are scary, but it is not my goal to demean them here. Karma will find its way to everyone.

At the end of November 2016, I ended my participation in running of the club. On first of January the restaurant ceased its operations, since it quickly became apparent that I left the business.

Despite this endeavor costing me 10  000 Euro, I quickly came to realize that I need 100%ly reliable partner.

My mental health has once again hit a rock bottom.

The one above knew that he needs to send an angel savior.

This one was indeed sent and it has gotten me on the right path.

I will never forget about you saving me Ingrid Hrušovská.

I was living alone but deep inside my heart I had a desire to find a true love. The health status of my left leg was alarming.

I tried several types of boots, and I have even tried putting an iron reinforcement into my moto boot.

However, this was not helping much.

Every step I made, must have first came trough my head.

The thought of making even one step was draining all the energy out of me.

In my head a thought about ending my life came again.

I have even chosen a date this time, the Sunday of September the 30th 2017. On Friday I said farewell to my best friend Gafer with tears in my eyes, telling him we will never see each other again.

However on suturday morning god has once again pulled a handbrake on my plans and decide that next weekend I will meet with until then a stranger Majka Potoc.

On seventh of October started a big clean up in my life.

I have shown Majka everything beautiful about lower land. She was amazed by it, so after two years of our relationship she decided to move from Vrútky to my city Šala.

Majka started cleaning up everything and with precision.

I have quickly found out who is and who is not my true friend.

Yesterday on 13th of November 2020 it was two years since I removed my best friend Gafer from my life.

He acted against me personally in a way that a friend wouldn’t.

Even in this case I am not going to shame him for his deeds, even in his case karma will take care of everything.

In December of 2017 after the Christmas holiday there came a big change regarding my damaged leg.

It became painfully swollen, enough to seek a professional help.

Brother-in-law of my partner recommended us a company Protetika in Bratislava., Mr.Sandner.

They were surprised how far can an untreated injury go.

They quickly made orthosis for my leg.

After the first try I started feeling like I have a new leg.

The pain went from 100% down to 50% and that was like a walk in the paradise. I was used to an excruciating pain.

This orthosis brought me back to life.

We spent the Easter holiday in magical Sicily and here I came to understand that only way forward is with my partner, under any circumstances.

Knowing that in your life there can be an only person, is a big gift from God. She has showed me the way I should walk on and that I should never fall victim to my temptations.

After two years of not working, I have fortunately found out that there are people that trust you and give you a job, which is necessary in a life of every human being.

Every single one of us should have a job in which they are satisfied.

And us who can create jobs, it is our duty to create jobs and opportunities for the people with disabilities.

Who else can give them work but us?

These people have a very difficult life due to their disability and ailments causing it.

True friends don’t hesitate to be in your lives and are always ready to help. People have good hearts, it is just necessary to convince them to help each other.

So, this is a quick rundown of my experiences in life.

I will talk about the details in my upcoming book.

I hope that my life story has resonated with you and that you will be willing to help us with our new project.

We truly appreciate any help, and we hope that we will be able to raise enough funds needed to bring this big and complex project to life.

Frantisek Kopacik Bajcsy

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