Fero Kopáčik

Part 1

The composition of the project:

Project is composed from two parts. The first part is focused on production, the second part has business character.

Description of the first part:

It is our priority to employ citizens with disability, who are capable of doing physically non-taxing work.

The production will be following:

- production of mini flowerpots made of concrete and epoxy resin

- production of decoration products- wood

- production of decoration products with help of Norwegian moss

- pad printing of products (our brand and cooperating brands)

- screen printing and embroidery of clothing (our brand and cooperating brands). We are close to making a deal with a world-renowned famous soccer player

- production of exclusive furniture from aluminum, the furniture is made in “racing” theme (focusing on motosport), the furniture has patented design, will be sold worldwide trough franchising model

-manufacture of exhausts for racing motorcycles

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Part 2


Dear Mr./Mrs.,

We are pleased to invite you to participate on our new and unique project with the official name of:

                                                                                                               “Best Interior 2021”

We are interested to give recognition to foreign companies in the heart of Central Europe. Our headquarters are located in the city of Šala, surrounded by three capital cities of central European countries: Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

All three of these cities are approximately two-hour drive by car from our business location.

This makes the location great, since you have an unique opportunity to pique interest of many potential clients.

In the whole area, a massive construction work is underway, with housing units, houses, shopping centers and hotels being built.

We want to show the products from their producers in real life, therefore we are looking for a business partner willing to participate in equipping showroom with total area of 650 square meters.

It is both a display and presentation of products for a producer that never ends since the products on display are put in an unchanging place.

We are planning on offering an individual approach to each client with the presence of an atmosphere of a comfortable, modern and unique home.

Our target groups:

Architects, interior studios, developers, companies focused on home equipment implementation, furniture and interior equipment merchants, solvent clients. In a nutshell such entities, that require unique materials, which are not present on our market and require top quality services.

Producers will be from the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Greece

Here is portfolio of products we want to bring onto the Slovak market:

  • Completely equipped kitchens

  • Completely equipped bathrooms

  • Tiles and paving

  • Wooden floors

  • Lighting

  • Fireplaces and stoves.

  • Interior equipment such as furniture, couches, equipment for children´s rooms and bedrooms, home accessories

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Wellness saunas and hot tubs

  • Interior doors

  • Distribution of aluminum frames for aluminum windows, doors, pergolas, winter gardens and railings from a significant European producer.

Our team:

František- 30 years of experience in retail and from that 12 years in the business grade retail focusing on equipment for bathrooms and their interiors (ceramic tiles, taps, sanitary goods), furniture, fire places, interior accessories. Language skills: Slovak, Hungarian, Polish

Roman- interior designer, planning, graphical work and realization

Adrian- realization of both interior and exterior construction work

Filip- realization of both interior and exterior construction work

Juraj- sales representative, searching for new developer projects and business opportunities

Erika- business manager, communication with clients

Silvia- business manager, communication with foreign suppliers

Our side will create a new webpage, where there will be presented products from suppliers, which we will represent on both Slovak and Czech market.

A advertising campaign will be launched on social networks, google AdWords as well as magazines and newspapers focused on stylish home living.

Requirements for our business partner/ investor:

Purchase of property and building of exclusive showroom in it, which will offer top notch services. We have a reservation to buy the property with usable area of 898 m2 and land area of 5486 m2.

What do the producers offer:

Offers for 40% to 50% deduction from MSRP (that effectively translates to 40% to 50% profit for every product we sell), possibility of additional 10%-20% discount for products displayed in the showroom.

In many cases we have exclusive right to retail the products of the producer in not only Slovakia, but also Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

What do we offer for our business partner/ investor:

-long and interesting project with expectation of stable business for many years, stake in the company of 49%, co-financing of the project from our side and the size of investment is up for negotiation

Why invest in our project?

The companies in this segment in Slovakia usually have multi-million Euro revenue.

If our revenue reaches 500 000 Euro, we expect net profit of 150 to 250 thousand Euro per annum, if revenue reaches 1 million Euro we expect net profit of 300 to 350 thousand Euro per annum.

If you have any questions regarding this project, do not hesitate to contact us.

The expected monthly profit from the lease of retail space is 30 000 EUR. There will be suitable premises, banks, insurance companies, offices.

We offer the lowest price for renting space on the market, 10 EUR per m2.

Total investment size:

The property costs 2 500 000 Euro, reconstruction and construction of the showroom is expected to cost approximately 300 000 Euro,

200 000 Euro will be spent on establishing production, where there will be working opportunities for citizens with disability, barrier- free access point and social facilities.

František Kopáčik - the creator and the implementer of the project.

Here you can see our partners with whom I will work

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